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Aquatic Ecology


"Of the water associated with continents, over 99% is in the form of groundwater or ice and is difficult for humans to use. Human interactions with water most often involve fresh streams, rivers, marshes, lakes and shallow groundwaters; thus, we rely heavily on a relatively rare commodity."

Dodds 2002. Freshwater Ecology

Left: Forested wetland, Montgomery Co., Alabama

Aquatic ecology and water quality data may be required for certain projects by state or local regulations, or as a condition of other permits. These measurements may be in the form of baseline studies and/or ongoing monitoring.

Above: Rapids near "Sliding Rock", North Carolina

BioResources, LLC is experienced at aquatic data collection and analysis including water quality (dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, turbidity, temperature and nutrients), aquatic habitat assessment (EPA Rapid Bioassessment Protocol), and aquatic biological surveys.

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