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Protected Species Surveys



Left: A bald eagle from the Southeastern Raptor Center.

Many projects must address the presence or absence of protected species. Protected species regulations can be addressed by utilizing the extensive wildlife biology experience available through BioResources, LLC.

Above: The endangered plant "Relict Trilium", Lee Co., Alabama
Under the authority of the Endangered Speicies Act of 1973, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is charged with the responsibility of conserving animals and plants in danger of extinction.
"Listed" species are classified as threatened (in danger of extinction) or endangered (in immediate danger of extinction). Many states have enacted their own protected species legislation and developed their own lists.

Surveys to determine the presence of endangered or threatened species, or their habitats, are usually required for projects using federal or state funds. Additionally, surveys may be required for private development in certain situations. BioResources is experienced at performing surveys for most listed plant and animal species in the southeastern U.S.

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