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Wetland and Stream Delineation


Wetlands and streams are valuable natural resources that fulfill many important roles in the watershed. These functions include floodwater storage, nutrient/sediment retention, pollutant filtration, and wildlife habitat.

Left: Forested wetland and beaver pond, Lee Co., Alabama

All "Waters of the United States" including most wetlands and streams, are regulated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers under the authority of the Clean Water Act. A Jurisdictional Determination (JD) is required prior to impacting wetlands or streams that are Waters of the U.S.

Don't know if you have jurisdictional waters? BioResources will determine the extent of wetlands and streams within the project boundaries and facilitate a JD if necessary. Consideration of jurisdictional waters prior to finalizing development plans can save hundreds of thousands of dollars and significant time in completing your project.

Above: Headwater stream, Lee Co., Alabama
In 1987 the USACE published the "Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual" which prescribes a three-parameter approach to define wetlands that fall under their jurisdiction.

BioResources personnel assess these parameters (hydrology, soils, and vegetation) to provide clients with accurate wetland and stream delineations. Rates for wetland and stream delineations will depend on site conditions, size, extent of detail required, and extent of coordination desired. No site is too small or too large! Please contact us for a proposal.

Our full delineations meet the requirements for wetland and stream impact permitting, which BioResources has extensive and successful experience coordinating with the USACE.

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