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Wetland and Stream Permitting


When a project results in unavoidable impacts to wetlands or streams, a Section 404 Permit is required from the USACE. Failing to obtain the correct permit for impacts could result in project delays, stiff fines, even criminal charges.

Left: Forested wetland, Corkscrew Swamp, Florida

BioResources can guide your project through all aspects of the permit process including permit application, the Wetland Rapid Assessment Procedure (WRAP), Stream Evaluation and Assessment Methodology (STREAM) and subsequent mitigation planning. From low-impact Pre-Construction Notifications (PCNs) to an Individual Permit Application for large-scale projects, BioResources will provide expert coordination.

Above: Headwater stream, Lee Co., Alabama
BioResources has developed open lines of communication with USACE regulators, resulting in an exceptional success rate for obtaining permits. Beginning permit discussions early in planning/development process is the best possible scenario. When that is not possible, BioResources has experience working closely with clients and USACE to meet the project needs.

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